Home Electrical Wiring

Even if you’re a skilled do-it-yourselfer most of the time, your home electrical re-wiring jobs are best left to a professional. Too many things can go wrong and you could cause extensive damage to your home, or worse, serious injury to yourself or your family.

Smart Choice Electric can handle all your home re-wiring needs quickly and efficiently, and the cost is much better than repairing damage that a non-professional may inflict.

When do you know when it's time to replace old wiring? Well, there are some tell-tale signs like sparks coming from the switches or receptacles. You'll also notice that receptacles stop working. Once you pull the receptacles out of the wall, you see the wire that is currently installed in the house.

Electrical Wiring Upgrade

When should I consider having my house rewired?

You should consider rewiring your home if you have Knob and Tube Wiring that has been damaged or altered, or if you have Cloth Wrapped Romex or Aluminum wiring throughout the house. If you have ungrounded two prong copper wiring throughout the house, you should consider having your house rewired so you can have the added safety of a ground conductor in your home’s electrical wiring system.

Why might my home need rewired?

Limited sockets

Sockets with no switches

Old looking accessories

Old rewire able fuses

Old House Rewiring

The designs on houses built in the 1930’s and 40’s are one of a kind. The intricate details on the hardwood and distinct features of the structure are priceless. An old ancestral house allows us to travel back to centuries past. Still, as attractive as the house may be, there are various safety measures and precautions that must be taken to ensure that you and your family can move in without any unnecessary worries.

What is knob and tube wiring?

How much does it cost to rewire a house?

The approximate price is $3 to $4 per square foot, depending on your electrical design. Call us today for your free home rewiring estimate

Do the walls need to come down for my Home Rewiring?

No. We work the wires behind the walls, through the attic and crawl space to get all of the wiring where it needs to be. No need to remove the walls.

How long does the rewiring take?

The rewiring can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks for a complete home rewiring depending on the square footage of the home. If the home is bigger it might take longer.

Will the entire house be without power?

No. We work our way through the home, room by room. This means that only a room at time will be left without power. The power does not need to be shut down throughout the home rewiring process.

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